IceBand Knee

Knee injuries are just as common as they are painful: fractures, meniscal and tendonal tears, dislocations, and ligament injuries are frequent knee problems. Treatment, surgery and rehabilitation associated with these conditions are usually associated with a high amount of pain, swelling and discomfort.

Iceband Knee provides efficient cooling treatment of the whole knee joint and is suitable for treating postoperative pain and swelling around the kneecap (patella), lower part of the thighbone (femur), upper parts of the shin bone (tibia) and calf bone (fibula).

Just like the other IceBand models, IceBand Knee has a documented cooling effect that lasts for up to 1 hour and is suitable for treatment after any kind of knee surgery, including total knee joint replacement.

IceBand Knee may also be used for treating sporting injuries around the knee. It can advantageously be used after training sessions and physiotherapy that would otherwise increase swelling and pain.

Move around freely during rehab

IceBand Knee can easily be applied by the patient herself or with assistance and the fitting and amount of compression is easily adjusted with the elastic Velcro straps.

IceBand Knee can be worn while walking or during rehab training and does not hinder normal movement.

Each package IceBand Knee includes one brace and two sets of cooling elements. The four cooling elements allows the patient to keep two sets in the freezer while two are being used.


Iceband available in 4 models:

IceBand Shoulder

IceBand Hip

IceBand Knee

IceBand Foot/Ankle